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The safety and health of your child is our highest priority.

Summit Care Day Camp has policies and protocols in our daily operations to ensure everyone’s safety. 



Summit Care Day Camp Staff will:

  • Wash hands frequently & thoroughly with soap (minimum of 20 seconds).

  • Cover mouth and nose if / when sneezing or coughing. 

  • Refrain from touching nose, mouth and eyes. 

  • Refrain from touching each other or sharing items.

  • Bring an extra pairs of shoes for school use only. 

  • Minimize bringing in personal belongings to school.

  • Spray disinfectant on surfaces, handles, shared objects  throughout the day

  • Teach and encourage students to allow physical distancing between each other in the classroom & play area whenever possible.

  • Use facemasks whenever feasible and possible.

  • Practice physical distancing 

  • Send students home if it appears they may have a fever or flu-like symptoms.

  • Check staff and campers when they come into the building. 



Parents and guardians of campers should:

  • Keep your child at home if he or she exhibits an possible COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Keep your child at home if someone in the home  exhibits symptoms.

  • Think of the health of the community as you decide whether to go to places where you are in close contact with others. 

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